ASIRPA Real Time Evaluation

Real Time Analysis of the Social Impact of Research Approach (ASIRPA tr)

ASIRPA (Analysis of the Social Impact of Research Approach) developed method and tools to support researchers throughout the PPR-CPA and its projects in order to reach their objectives while responding to society waits

What is it?

Impacts of PPR-CPA can be measured within ASIRPAtr method throughout the program and its projects. The developed method is based on impact pathways which calls upon scientific ressources and technical knowledge using the Socio-economic Analysis of Impacts of Public Agronomic Research (ASIRPA) that determines impacts of INRAE agronomical research. In our case, the performed analysis is real-time conducted along the Program in order to pursue workable solutions and operative results for projects. In others words, the main objective is to give a step-by-step approach enabling project participants to analyse the impact pathway at the different stages of their project in order to accelerate or amplify its impact on society.

By whom?

The method is performed by ASIRPAtr team-project that helps projects defining their objectives and impacts pathways. ASIRPA team develops tools and knowledge in order to support projects coordinators. The ASIRPA tools for projects are based on the lessons learned from ASIRPA ex post. A first set of lessons have been drawn from case studies. These case studies are available on the ASIRPA website.

What for ?

  • Define the transformations targeted within the context of the program,
  • Manage and guide research excellence towards the transformations/impacts targeted,
  • Determine a pathway from the project towards the objective targeted,
  • Determine and analyse the checkpoints on this pathway and to check the project is heading in the right direction,
  • Make decisions on the actions to be taken during the project,
  • Revise objectives and the pathway to reach them.


  • To PPR project coordinators.
  • To program managers.

How to?

Construction of an impact pathways (ex ante and in real time) is a central tool for the collective representation of the impact production process. The impact pathway is built collectively (with members of the consortium and stakeholders) in three main steps:

  • Step 1: Define long-term and short-term transformation targets: what will change at the end of the project? What is the project’s contribution to these transformations?
  • Step 2: Check that the scientific and technical knowledge and the expected results are in line with the transformation targeted
  • Step 3: Identify the critical points in the different stages.

Three workshops are organized to co-develop and to improve the tools for program management with PPR-CPA stakeholders.

See also

ASIRPA website

Past events :

  • Online training with projects coordinators: December 2020
  • A webinar on the different stages of the ASIRPA method: January-February 2021

Planned events :

  • A workshop on enriching the impact pathway: June-September 2021

Modification date : 29 August 2023 | Publication date : 12 April 2021 | Redactor : Myriam Tisserand, Florence Jacquet