Studies & tools

Studies & tools

What is it for?

The French Priority Research Programme "Growing and Protecting crops Differently" integrates two mechanisms that support the scientific animation and the research projects:

  • a Foresight: European Pesticide-free agriculture in 2050
  • a Real Time Impact Evaluation: ASIRPA Real-Time

The integration of these mechanisms into the programme is both original and innovative. By integrating these two complementary systems, the ambition is to introduce reflexivity into design and implementation of research. It is indeed necessary to have different means to: (i) anticipate the expected changes and understand how research can contribute to these changes; (ii) integrate the results of the two studies as the projects progress. These two studies contribute to a better response to the expectations and needs of our environment and society.

In this way, the 2050 Foresight builds scenarios that include the evolution of components (for example: climate change, biodiversity, changes in agricultural structures, consumption styles, ...) and the expected effects of the scientific levers explored in this programme.

The Real Time Impact Evaluation (ASIRPA Real-Time), sets up impact paths for the research projects and for the programme in order to identify the facilitating and blocking factors and to adapt each path in real time.

Modification date : 29 August 2023 | Publication date : 12 April 2021 | Redactor : Myriam Tisserand, Florence Jacquet