Deciphering plant-microbiota interactions to enhance crop defenses to pests

Targeted project - crop microbiome

Promising findings highlighted that the untapped soil microbiota diversity can influence plant tolerance and resistance to several pests. In light of this, a challenge perspective in the modern agriculture is to design a new generation of green solutions enable to increase plant resistance to biotic stresses for a more sustainable crop production.
DEEP IMPACT aims at combining ecology, biology, plant genetics and mathematics to identify, characterize and validate the microbial communities, plant communities and abiotic factors (including agricultural managements) explaining variation in Brassica napus and Triticum aestivum resistance to several pests.

Coordination: Christophe Mougel, Institute for Genetics, Environment and Plant Protection (IGEPP) Joint Research Unit, INRAE 

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Modification date : 21 August 2023 | Publication date : 22 September 2020 | Redactor : Christophe Mougel, Sylvie Colleu