Adaptation of the concept of ecological immunity to crop protection: Rosaceae and Solanaceae

Integrative project

The objective is indeed to propose innovative integrated crop protection strategies based on the combined use of immunity levers able to modulate crop defenses. Five immunity levers will be investigated individually and in combination: genetic resistance, companion plants, biocontrol solutions exhibiting PRI (plant resistance induction) action, UV-C flashes and nitrogen supply. Apple and tomato will be used as model crops, with their main bioagressors, before transition to other Rosaceae (peach and strawberry) and Solanaceae (peach).

Coordination: Hélène Gautier, PSH Research Unit, INRAE; Marie-Noëlle Brisset, IRHS Joint Research Unit, INRAE; Bernard Caromel, GAFL Research Unit, INRAE

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Modification date : 21 August 2023 | Publication date : 22 September 2020 | Redactor : Catherine Coutand, Sylvie Colleu