Built pesticide-free agroecosystems at territory level

Integrative project

BE CREATIVE has been built on the conviction that the objective of a pesticide-free agriculture implies the need to think in a systemic way, on a territorial scale.We will thus develop innovative co-design approach about the transition to pesticide-free territories to think in terms of disruptive ecological, socio-economic and technical dynamics, with and for the actors of the territories.

To run the project, we have built an ambitious research set-up to produce and collect data. We will work in 10 case-study territories (CST) with a large diversity of farming systems,spread over the whole of metropolitan France, in which the consortium's researchers are already working with local partners to stop the use of pesticides.

Coordination: Muriel Valantin-Morison, "Agronomy" Joint Research Unit, INRAE ; Lorène Prost, SADAPT Joint Research Unit, INRAE

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