PPR Growing and Protecting crops Differently

The French Priority Research Programme "Cultiver et Protéger Autrement" (Growing and Protecting crops Differently) (PPR-CPA) was created to meet the French government's objectives of reducing the use of pesticides while developing effective alternatives. To achieve these objectives, financial support is provided through the third investment programme for the future (PIA3). Thus, the PPR-CPA is a 30 million euro programme which is part of the national investment plan with French National Research Agency as operator.

In this context, PPR-CPA's missions are to produce knowledge, skills and tools to facilitate the transition and to develop new agricultural practices by identifying alternative pathways and mobilising agroecological, biocontrol and genetic approaches.

In 2019, a call for proposals was launched to select innovative research projects with hopeful and ambitious strategies. Out of all the submitted projects, 10 projects were chosen to take part of this challenge. These 10 different projects work on transversal topics from all scientific fronts that bring a new collaborative research.


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